:  I have reviewed over 300,000 CVs in my professional life.  My first job after University required me to review in peak periods over 1,000 CVs a day.  This was a steep learning curve experience that has stayed with me. I explain to my clients that you have to make a positive impression in under 8 seconds.  Every employment sector have problems that need to be resolved.  The person looking at your CV must see immediately that you understand their problems and will resolve them.   You are the ‘aspirin that will take away their headache’.  I explain to my clients that their CV has to be clear and concise.   I am delighted that since January 2017 my mil/ex mil CV clients have had job interviews every week – without fail.  Over 95% of my military clients have progressed.

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These include reporting the number of job interviews, job offers and so on.