November Blog

November Blog

100 not out.

In 2016, my coaching and mentoring support for the military began with occasional requests for help. The requests initially from people who had served in The Royal Navy or remembered when I worked as a civilian instructor at the Army Education Centre in Bordon Hampshire. However, the work began in earnest in January 2017. This was when I started posting this familiar post on a Sunday:

4 not out’. The number referred to the week in the year.

I cannot remember why I decided to use a cricket metaphor – just very pleased I did. Every week from 1st January through to 31st December 2017, my military and ex-military clients have been ‘opening doors’.

On 1st January 2018, I began again. New Year – new game. Or so I thought…….. 2018 has been illuminating. The number of job interviews, job offers and job starts has been astonishing. A significant majority using their ‘Master CV’ as a guide; for their second, third, fourth, fifth and now their sixth job. There is one former client who had 30 job offers, 10 in one week alone. The job interviews are for diverse employment sectors. None are ‘entry level’ positions. All show skills, knowledge, expertise and quiet visible professionalism. The jobs and the clients I support, are global.

It is wonderful and humbling in equal measure, to see first-hand how the ‘Open Door military family’ supports, guides and engages with each other. The tales are heart-warming. Their work is conducted in the shadows. Intentionally so. Only those that need to know their identity, are aware. The fellowship of mutual trust and respect is invigorating. The alliance has strength and has teeth. The premise is simple: They help me to open doors into new employment.

In addition, they provide guidance on training programmes, generate constructive work experience placements and if appropriate engage directly by phone or face to face with my military client. On Linkedin I refer to them as my alumni.

Collectively, we quietly applaud when doors are opened or when new qualifications have been achieved. The cheers grow louder, when the recent client becomes an alumni and in time becomes a mentor. Last week a member of the Open Door military family used the phrase ‘the golden thread that binds us.’ Poetic and apt.

My military and ex-mil CV clients have confirmed job interviews up to Friday 30th November. [Post written on 22 November].

100 consecutive weeks – since the Game began.

The word ‘Game’ has been chosen with care. They know the rules of this Game. They have worked hard and it shows. To misquote [intentionally] the ‘7 P’s of the Royal Artillery’

Proper prepared preparation prevents pitifully poor performance.

I am incredibly honoured to be their Coach and Mentor. The crafting of a new CV is just the beginning of their journey.