December Blog

December Blog

I love words – correction I love words with attitude. Words that make you smile, words that make you think and reflect, words that inspire – ease your soul and bring forward outbreaks of joy and laughter.

There are many reasons why I love my work. I gain huge personal satisfaction from witnessing the journey my clients take. I tell them from Day One I will get them to think differently and then they will act differently – then the magic begins…… How does this happen? Words spoken with care, words are crafted on a CV and LinkedIn. They leave ‘my care’ with concise clarity of purpose. The journey from an initial 1st draft to the final draft is a challenging one. Intentionally so. The magic bubbles under the surface of all activities. Then the breakout of positivity and confidence as they ‘Get it’. They are empowered. I remain in regular contact with many former military CV clients. I am used as a sounding board for future job applications. Which of course is delightful – but unnecessary.

They all use words with attitude.

This year many ‘Kerryisms’ have entered the Lexicon. Here are some of them

  1. Think aspirin – take away their headache
  2. If it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck – it is a ………
  3. Kerry PESTLE – similar to the Management one – but far more fun.
  4. Have you had your banana? If not eat one now.
  5. Have you swilled your mouth out with water?
  6. Homework – not good enough do it again.
  7. Get some colouring pencils.
  8. Spell Checker should be banned
  9. You have ruined my day – your work is excellent.
  10. Kerry guile – courtesy of the SBS.

I will be back in early January with the 2018 stats. I should on paper be astonished. Then I pause and remember the calibre of my clients. Aptitude and attitude in Spades.