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First impressions matter.

When working with a military client I explain from their initial contact that it is my intention to ‘get them to think differently and then they will act differently – then the magic begins’.  A bold statement that needs reviewing.

Think differently: I tell them that first impressions matter.  I explain that the information they have on their CV has to have an immediate response.  The door is ‘ajar’ for 6 seconds.  They have a limited time to make a positive first impression.  In those 6 seconds the person [in 96% of cases the first person is Artificial Intelligence], decides if your CV will be read by a suitable Manager.  Every word has to earn its place on the CV.  No waffle, no clichés.

Act differently: From day one of working with me I ensure they act differently.  The regular homework is set for a purpose.  I am preparing them for a first round job interview.

Magic begins: A bold statement certainly but a true one.  The magic begins when they make progress.  Multiple interviews are not uncommon – as are the job offers.  Their self-confidence and visible aptitude are visible.  Both to me and to the Hiring Manager.


Since 1st Aug – 26th October my military alumni have accrued:

147 job interviews.  Ranging from an informal ‘chat’ over a cup of coffee through to a 1.5 hour presentation to the Board of Directors.

64 job offers.  Many clients have had multiple job offers.

26 job start dates.

12 work experience start dates


I have used the word ‘Magic’.  It is more than that.  It is wonderful.