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‘This summer has been astonishing for job interviews. What really pleases me is how many of the interviews have been secured for non-advertised vacancies.  Many years ago I was told 80% of jobs are never advertised.   At that time I had no idea if that figure was a random one picked from thin air.  I now realise the information is correct.   This summer [July, August and up to mid-September], my mil and ex-mil CV clients have accrued over 100 job interviews.  Hasten to add this is not 100 individuals but the accumulated figure of first, second and third round interviews.  Of these a comfortable 80% were for jobs not formally advertised.

How come?  They have all done the following/

  1. Network, Network, Network. Have a plan, get yourself known, join appropriate social media groups and of course phone me up and go ‘Kerrrrrrrrry………..’.    This is not an ad-hoc approach.   They have thought with care and put their thoughts into acts.
  2. Research, Research, Research. Take time to get to know the Company you would like to work for.  Do not just rely upon their Company web page.
  3. Make polite contact and show enthusiasm.

It is far better to spend several hours on diligent research than spend the same amount of time sending out hundreds of speculative ‘pebble dash’ emails.  You are wanting to create a good impression so to achieve that you need to plan well.

The above approach works. I am aware of 48 job offers since 1st July.

The company know they have a potential employee who has shown tenacity, enthusiasm, hard work and determination.  The right attitude.  First impressions matter.  My alumni are ‘smashing it’.   I am always proud.

Traditionally, high summer has always been a quiet period.   Not this year and certainly not with the calibre of my mil and ex-mil CV clients.

Although I now have a ‘Pavlovian’ reflex to a curved yellow fruit………’