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Future Plans

When I look back at my career in Education, Training, Recruitment support and Consultancy guidance, the highlights have always been in actions that support the individual.  This is the premise of my work and why my business is named Open Door Training.  Opening doors [short term] as in providing expert support with job seeking and brokering connections [80% of jobs are never advertised].  Opening doors [long term] by guiding for the future.

Since January 2017 my mil and ex mil clients have progressed.  Be it into employment, further training and entrepreneurship.  This has been recorded weekly on my Linkedin page.

A few months ago I noted a pattern.  I was being contacted for advice and support from those still serving in the military, as well as those on their transistion ‘journey’ and beyond.  I have decided with the active support of former clients and Pablo Snow of The Sand Bag Times to have a monthly ‘problem page’ .

‘Ask Kerry’.

I promise to read every problem.  A selection will be chosen to be answered in the ‘Ask Kerry section in the monthly Sand Bag Times.   I must stress that all published information will only be included with the permission of the person concerned.


Please send your queries to