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Until very recently I would use Linkedin as the main form of sharing information.  However with the new website I am able to share my skills, experiences and knowledge in a longer format.  Sadly I am known for having a butterfly ‘mind’ which is a kind way of saying memo to self: Kerry keep to the point.

I will try very hard not to be side tracked by the joys of owning a cocker spaniel or my daily battles with slugs in my vegetable patch.  Although I suspect the occasional photo will be shared.  When I was an Instructor at an Army Education Centre I overheard the following conversation:  ‘Don’t worry about not doing your homework – distract her by asking how her dog is – works every time.’  Which was and is still sadly true.

My coaching and mentoring support and guidance for the military and ex-military,  has now supported every branch of the Armed Forces.  Some alumni can remember attending classes I ran, all have come to me from word of mouth.  I frequently write the following message at the end of my Linkedin posts: ‘I love my work’.  I certainly do.  I have come to know some remarkable people and made some very dear friends.  I have been with them every step of their journey.  Many using their original CV to gain their third and fourth job.

In June 2018,  clients had 7 job offers and 6 confirmed job starts [between them 27 job interviews].

Every month I will be posting a Blog.  Future content will refer to the collaborative plans being implemented between Open Door Training and The Sand Bag Times.

Watch this space.   Will stop for now.   Bumble is chewing something she really shouldn’t be………..

Open Door July Update

20 Job Interviews

6 Job Offers

4 Confirmed Job Starts